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Considering the amount of people around the course that refer to me as Murray, I thought it only appropriate that the superintendent's page open with a photo of him. Yes our faithful course mascot is still hanging in there. I'm not sure how much he'll leave the shop this season though. Big Mur's getting up there in years and really starting to enjoy the comfort of his pillow on my office floor. However, when he gets his first whiff of that clubhouse grill, who knows.

Golf Superintendent - Grant Sawchyn
                                 - (306) 937-5658

Assistant Superintendent - Mike Dalby
Assistant Superintendent - Martin Metcalfe
Equipment Technician - Trevor Poletz

WHAT’S HOT- April 21/17
- Hard to believe a month ago we were panicking trying to open for the “gorgeous” May long. Man did they blow that forecast. Think we’ve had one decent day since.
- Our poaannua tees sure took a licking this winter. Severe desiccation. Just not enough snow coverage during the severe cold periods. I think that thaw in mid-February is most responsible. Those tees most elevated got hit the hardest regardless if they were covered or not.
- Most greens aren’t bad but they sure are at a standstill in this cold weather. Not the usual recovery rate for this time of year
- Had to empty the pond on #18 this spring. Water is really being restricted going into the wet well where the circulating pump sits. Hoping to get some expert advice as to the action we should take. May have to be a temporary fix for now and then a proper job in late fall.
- Drives me nuts how messy the course is each spring. Damn poplar trees. The guys are doing their best to clean things up but soft conditions and high winds make things next to impossible.
- On those frosty mornings the crew is staying busy by edging cart paths. Big job but looks great. We’re lucky to have a super mechanic who loves fabricating. His edging machine is being very much appreciated by the crew.
- Looking forward to working with our new assistant superintendent Mike. He’s definitely pumped about his position at NBGCC. And he’s a player so don’t be surprised if he asks to hook up with you.
- Pretty much the entire fulltime crew is returning for a second season. What a bonus. They’re all young but very enthused. Mike swears he’s going to turn them all into players too. All new students this season. Going to be a little rocky until they figure things out but I’m looking forward to showing them the ropes.
- And yes, super Marty has returned and is almost back to his regular playing condition. Martin had to pack it in pretty early last fall due to some serious illness however he is on the rebound and we look forward to him keeping thing interesting around the shop for another season.
- I know this season’s weather isn’t making for the best of starts but it’s got to turn into something a ton better than last season. Without question, one of the most difficult years we’ve experienced. That Husky oil thing really kicked my butt. Long days. Then no assistant. Then a lightning strike. Then Marty goes down. Then early snows right when we’re trying to close down. Thank goodness for an understanding crew who did their best for our team.
- Regardless of the approach we take in the pond on #18, a reminder that it is filled by means of the irrigation system. Not until the reservoir is full and the system is operating well will we begin to fill the ponds.
- Yes, the birch tree on #13 is dead. Within weeks of taking the protective wires off all the trees on the course the porcupine returned and did a number on the base of the tree. Its hard for some people to understand but a super tends to take setbacks to the course pretty personal. It’s especially heart breaking when you consider the history of that particular tree. When I came to NB 30 some years ago there was no 150 yard tree on #13, only a tree well from a previous attempt. We attempted replants and on the third it finally took. Turned into a great tree too. Pretty disheartening to see it now. Needless to say we put the wires back up on the trees last season. I know it was wishful thinking the #13 birch might rebound last year. We’ll most likely bring it down when things dry up down there.
- We did some seal coating around the pro shop last fall with very poor results. It will have to be done again along with additional areas. Please obey signage when we get at it. And be safe. Stay clear of equipment.
- Looking forward to seeing what our flower volunteers have in store for 2017. Make sure you thank them for making our club a better place. Heck, make sure you thank anyone, regardless of what they contribute to our club’s success.
- And please respect the pro shop’s request that you play in foursomes. It really does help out the maintenance team. Cuts down on our time requirements and frustration enormously. Who knows, you may meet someone new too.
- Be patient with the maintenance team off the start please. A lot of new faces or new roles out there. And even if they are returnees, it may take a bit to get them back in action. As my old mentor said, “the only thing that works the same in the spring as in the fall is a potato masher.”
Next Week,
Grant Sawchyn

Hey, and spread the word that NBGCC has a pretty good website.


WHAT’S HOT- May 5, 2017

1. Almost have the entire crew going. Few more to start next week. Ton of training coming up.
2. Incredible amount of time being spent on leaves still.
3. Too cold to open washrooms until today. City has a lot of say now on when we open them. Some necessary repairs should be done by this afternoon.
4. Fired river pump and irrigation up on Thursday. Ton of frost in the ground making the job quite difficult. Maybe should have waited until next week.
5. Thanks to Sad Sack’s and Unicon Pipeline for huge help getting things going. Great members.
6. Big water break on driving range last night. Old pvc pipe from old system. Sorry about the water on the road but frozen valves were making isolation difficult.
7. Would like some feed-back on maybe closing the course the day we fire up the irrigation. We must run it for a while during the day to find our spring problems. Very common practice at all northern courses.
8. Those plants around the clubhouse are annuals. No one has been killing them. New ones will be planted soon.
9. No we didn’t lower the mowers for the scramble. They just dried out in the heat and wind. Too early in the year to lower them.
9. Third green area is still frozen. Must be watered with a hose.
10. Tees are still hurting. Would be nice to water them more during the day to keep them damp. Another common practice. Syringing. Used to do a lot of it in the heat.
11. A lot of new staff. Please be patient until they have things figured out.
13. 937-5658
14. Let me know stuff. Complaints and all.
15. Thanks to all our great volunteers. Everyone should appreciate what you do for all of us.
16. Will fill water hazards next week.
17. Scramble weekend. Have fun.

WHAT’S HOT - May 19, 2017

- I missed a week. Sorry but had technical problems on the old computer. When it has a dozen kids baffled you know you have issues. Got it figured out.
- The weather has every Super in the province stressed out. Absolutely horrible winter for turf and a ton of courses are hurting. We need some decent temps.
- Tell some buddies about our website.
- Our flower volunteers are starting to clean out their respective beds. A lot of new people working on them. Can’t wait to see what they have in store.
- No there wasn’t another City water break on the range. It was one of our irrigation lines. An old one rarely used.
- I think our new students are going to be just fine. So far they seem to be adapting to the regime.
- We have a significant problem at the bottom of our water hazards on #’s 9 and 18. A culvert that feeds the circulating pump has been crushed by ice. The pump isn’t receiving enough water to create the water feature. We’ve made some temporary fixes but don’t know how long they’ll last. Will likely replace the pipe in the fall when the surrounds of the ponds are firmer. Have already talked to Bobby J about the matter.
- Our 30 year old willows sure did make a mess after the strong winds of late. They’re getting worse with age. Have been doing some serious pruning this week.
- Took a little longer to fill the water hazards than it should have. Once we diagnosed our culvert issue, we intended on filling the things up immediately. NOT. The valve responsible for passing water into them failed. It took a week to get new ones.
- We’re already feeling the effects of the imminent loss of STC as suppliers are switching over to couriers. Without question, the bus was the most timely and efficient way to send and receive parts and supplies. I have a feeling we’ll be putting on some serious miles getting our own stuff from Saskatoon, Edmonton and Regina.
- Letting carts back onto #4. It’s still pretty wet so please use common sense. 
- Trying to get #9 to dry up too. Not irrigating so the salts are coming to the surface. Damn alkali. May have to start giving some minimal splashes to the area or we’ll start losing turf.
- Let me have it. Good are bad.
- Steady Walter is leaving us after 7 years of fairway mowing. He thought he could get one more year in but some nagging medical issues have shut him down. Great worker, great guy. Thanks Walter.
- Be patient with the new fairway trainee. It’s not an easy job to learn when there’s a ton of people around you.
- We’re still lowering sprinkler heads that rose up some this spring. Please leave the marker flags in place so the mowers don’t hit them.
- Sprayed for worms yesterday. It’s going to be a regular part of our maintenance regime I think. Very costly.
- Hesitant to hook up the fountains yet due to freezing temperature. Probably next week. #14 fountain needs a repair but we’re half way there.
- When you’re on the range and you’re bolting them over the end, STOP. Put the driver back in the bag before you kill one of the crew. There’s been lots of close calls.
- Poaannua is starting to fill in on most of the tees. Normal temperatures sure would speed things up.
- It’s the May Long. That’s 3 straight days of golf. Enjoy.



It’s what’s known in the golf course maintenance business as the “Augusta effect,” and high definition TV has only amplified it.

Over the past 30 or 40 years especially, the maintenance staff atAugusta National has set the standard extremely high for golf course superintendents everywhere.

Golfers watch the Masters on TV and salivate over the beauty and perfection. And if you’ve never been to Augusta National during tournament week and think that maybe that’s just the way it looks on television, think again. It is that perfect.

Peter Grass, the newly elected president of the Golf Course Superintendents Association, knows how unfair this is to superintendents.

“Superintendents are being asked to do more with less — less money, less staff and less water. There are high costs directly related to golf course management,” said Grass, who is superintendent at Hilands Golf Club in Billings, Mont. “However, golfers’ high expectations have not changed. They still want their courses to be impeccable. Despite the challenges, superintendents also want their courses to offer exceptional play on healthy turf. Every day, they strive to provide the best possible conditions to customers.”

Eric Bauer, the director of agronomy at the new Bluejack National Golf Club north of Houston, knows a little about trying to emulate Augusta’s conditioning. The exclusive course, which was designed by Tiger Woods, has a definite Augusta look to it, and it’s expected to have that Augusta look.

But even then, with a generous maintenance budget at an exclusive club, Bauer will tell you (below) that there are other ways Augusta National has an advantage.

So yes, Augusta really shouldn’t be setting the standard, as it were; it’s unattainable for all but a very few. Here, then, are 10 reasons it’s unreasonable for most golfers to compare their home course to Augusta National Golf Club.

10. Good help is hard to find, but not for Augusta National

Augusta National gets the very best people to mow greens, blow leaves, rake bunkers and put out fresh pine needles. “If you were to ask a majority of superintendents today labor is becoming more and more a challenge,” Bauer says. “Today’s worker is getting harder to find and motivate.”

9. Augusta also gets the best volunteers during Masters Week

When you see that army of mowers sweeping the fairways after play each day, those aren’t members of Augusta’s regular maintenance staff; many of those guys and gals are superintendents at some pretty high-profile courses around the world, doing specific tasks normally associated with regular crew members. In fact, just go ahead and multiply the crew by 10 during tournament week and imagine most of those guys with mowers and blowers having turfgrass degrees. That’s Augusta National.

8. Augusta attracts the very best young talent, too

What budding superintendent or tech wouldn’t want to work at Augusta National? Every year, the club gets flooded with resumes from all over the country and from the very best turgrass schools. As Bauer says, “Augusta probably has its pick of the best of the best coming out of school or wishing to complete internships, only to have the opportunity to put ANGC on their resume.”

7. No carts are allowed at Augusta National — ever

Forget the 90-degree rule, this is an all-walking, caddie course that is not going to be ruined by those pesky golf carts driving all over its pristine fairways. (Ironically, Club Car is headquartered in Augusta, Ga.) So, right there, Augusta National gets a lot less wear and tear than your home course.

6. Augusta National isn’t natural

Not to imply that the folks at ANGC are doing anything harmful to the environment, but you don’t get conditions like that without spending a lot of money on pesticides, herbicides, wetting agents and the like. So if you’re the type who likes your golf course as natural as possible, you can forget it looking like the one on Magnolia Lane.

5. Greens Stimped at 13 and above would slow down play

If you want really fast smooth greens, think about the average golfer. Inducing three- and four-putts all over the place — especially on weekends — would grind play to a halt. Who wants that?

4. Perfect conditions and affordable green fees don’t go together

It takes pretty much an unlimited budget to produce perfect conditions, and the members at Augusta not only have deep pockets, but they get a boatload of TV money, too. Of course there are a few private clubs and even some resort courses around the country that have close-to-perfect conditions, but they aren’t exactly affordable for the masses. So if you’re looking for any kind of value golf, you really have to learn to overlook a few flaws.

3. Without a lot of play, great conditions are easier to maintain

Though Augusta National isn’t in the habit of disclosing how many rounds they get (ANGC staff isn’t even available to comment for articles), you can bet it’s less than your club, unless you’re a one-percenter. Much less. There are days where Augusta might get two or three groups, and that’s not abnormal. Without much play, it’s much easier to give a golf course some serious TLC.

2. What’s wrong with firm and fast?

It takes a lot of water to make a course as green as Augusta National, which has an incredible irrigation and drainage system that keeps it from getting soggy. For most courses, that kind of watering would mean an awfully soft golf course, the opposite of say, Chambers Bay near Seattle, which was heavily criticized for its brownish-green look during the 2015 U.S. Open. But let’s face it, most golfers want their drives to roll out, and they want to be able to bounce a ball up onto the green, which is very difficult if you’re watering a course to keep it super green.

1. No summertime golf at Augusta National

On TV we see Augusta National in all its glory with the azaleas in bloom, the fairways and greens perfect and the weather conducive for growing cool-season grasses. In the summer, that doesn’t work so well, so the course is closed, and it doesn’t have to endure the stress of hot weather with people taking divots and making ball marks on its perfect greens. As the GCSAA’s Grass says, “Superintendents face challenges from Mother Nature, whether it’s a rough winter or summer drought conditions. But, superintendents are problem solvers, and they know the best ways possible to deal with whatever Mother Nature brings.”

WHAT’S HOT - May 26, 2017

- Just got in from helping the girls with primary rough. Man it’s still cold in the mornings.
- Still need some seasonal temps to get that poaannua to fill in. It’s trying but it’s going slow. All the rain will definitely help.
- Added sand to a lot of the traps this week. We go through a ton of it around here.
- What’s that spill on the front of the 13th green? Last fall some early morning players got impatient and hit up on me when I was spraying. Hit the machine and scared the hell out of me. Took my attention away from the controls. Thought it best I drive away rather than give them a blast of what I thought of their total disregard for life.
- It’s difficult for the fairway mowers to see the edges of the rough early in the spring. We paint the contours to help them out.
- Please play in foursomes. I wish I could articulate how much more efficient your maintenance team could be if you made it a practice.
- We take the buckets off the greens mower the day after we fertilize. Don’t want to pick it up when mowing. Usually not a problem especially when we double cut.
- Plan on lowering the cutting height next week. Looks like the temps are improving.
- Please use common sense on the soft 4th fairway. Stay off puddled stressed areas.
- Yes, I’m aware of some discolored poplar trees on the course and yes I’ve contacted a certified arborist. We’ve got a couple theories. I’m in a wait and see mode for the next week or two.
- Thanks to the early morning fellows for being so patient with the new crew.
- or (306) 937-5658. Tell me what you think. Anything.  Don’t worry, I’m not fat, it’s thick skin.
- We try and cut the rough on #2 three times a week.
- Yes the tees are not growing that much yet but we still cut them daily. Poa likes being “tickled” as its filling in. Speeds the process up.
- Yes you’re seeing rows of new grass on some tees. Overseeding is showing.
- The new crew is showing a lot of promise. They really seem to give a damn. Our emphasis on the interviewing process usually pays dividends.
- The bowling team is undefeated.
- Help Barry our fringe mowing guru keep his sanity. Put the rake back in the trap when you’re done with it.
- Would like to get a Cat in here soon to push the brush pile behind #14 into the ravine. Also plan onrelocating our brush pile. Somewhere less visible.
- We have great volunteers at NBGCC.
- Dandelion time. Will try and start addressing them next week. Long process..
- Will be getting another stump grinder in here this coming fall. Poplars, most expensive tree on the planet.
- Took a ton of suckers out of the traps yesterday. It will be part of our weekly regime from here on. Poplars, most expensive tree on the planet.
- Budgeted to do some significant root pruning this season. Those tree roots suck every bit of moisture and nutrients from the turf on the fairways and fringes. Poplars, most……………………..
- The club has a great website. It helps us all out if we brag it up and tell people.
- Sure enjoy working with our new assistant Mike. A real keener. Loves the golf biz and is a terrific motivator. He’s even put a little giddy-up in this old guy.
- Going to try and level the compound road out before the weekend. Maybe after I put the signs out for the big tourney this afternoon.
- Supposed to be nice out this weekend. Get a foursome together and play. We love traffic around here. Diesel fuel and fertilizer isn’t cheap.
- Happy birthday Karen

Grant Sawchyn

WHAT’S HOT - June 3, 2017
- A lot of comments about white stripes in front the tee complexes. It’s scaring. One out of three blades on the rough mower was out ½” and cutting lower. New operator didn’t pick up on it nor did us old dudes until the end of the day. Too bad it was so hot, otherwise wouldn’t be so noticeable.
- The odd sprinkler head is spontaneously coming on during the day. It seems our irrigation computer is picking up one of Saskatoon’s private club’s irrigation signal occasionally. They have the same wireless system as us. They do a great deal of irrigating during day and when conditions are right their system will turn our system on. It’s a huge problem in the City of Edmonton.
- Yes we’re nipping the greens down a bit. The speed difference should be noticeable. The wind is also contributing to the increase in speed.
- Our water window is maxed out. The heat and wind is forcing us to increase the run times per sprinkler head resulting in an increased time to water the place. That time is called the water window. If we increase the window any further it will effect evening play or morning maintenance.
- Yes that was us “turning the piles” in the field adjacent to #6. We compost much of our old turf and make our own topsoil.  Once a month we mix the materials up in order to speed the composting process. Takes a couple days.
- We cross cut the roughs in front of the tee complexes. The reason for the stripes going left to right rather than up and down with the fairway. A good way to stand the grass up as well as avoid messy clippings.
- Was forced not to cut the range this past week. Sorry for the shaggy appearance. Will probably be a ton of clippings next time we cut but Tuesdays are the only day of the week the range is picked clean.
- Have been addressing dandelions each day this week. We only work at it 3-4 hours a day and much of it depends on weather. A lot of acres to cover in that time frame.
- A ton of grass trimming around trees again. What the mowers can’t get, the hand machines do.
- Talked to The Water Security Board on Thursday. No imminent rise in river levels to be concerned about. I think we’ll try and keep our reservoir as full as possible just in case. Hard to do when we’re irrigating so much. Can’t wait for a bigger reservoir.
- Things are looking great in our flower beds. A lot of hours, dedication and club pride goes into those beds. Thanks volunteers.
- Going to try and find the time to overseed the 4th fairway next week. The extra attention is really paying dividends. Please be patient with our maintenance team through the process.
- We encourage our staff to play golf. They get a better feel for the jobs they do for the members of our club. Hope you’re patient with the newbies. Most of our crew have never been on a golf course prior to joining our team.
- A lot of big tourneys coming up. They’re important to pay the bills around here. Takes a lot of diesel to cut that rough.
- Will likely lower the height of cut on the tees next week. Have been reluctant until that poa fills in a little more. Seems like it’s coming along.
- Damn poplar suckers in the traps. Could be a full time job dealing with them.
- Anything?????
- Not sure what we’d do without volunteers. The best.
- A lot of positive comments about the edged cart paths. A lot of work but a nice touch to the course. And there is enough room on them for all 4 tires
- The wind really controls the effectiveness of irrigation. There was a few days this week where the wind howled all night almost making watering a waste of time.
- Put a foursome together and go for a round. Supposed to be nice all weekend.

WHAT’S HOT – June 9, 2017
- Seal coated clubhouse asphalt yesterday. Was going to do it over 2 days but weather didn’t look like it was going to cooperate the second day so we went for it. Turned out great. It’s a good way to add longevity to asphalt. Used to do cart paths too. Hopefully we can get back into it next budget.
- No, glyphosate will not kill the poplar suckers in the traps. They must be removed by hand. Very time consuming but being given more emphasis in our maintenance program.
- No it’s not wise to put glyphosate in poplar stumps particularly if there is another tree in close proximity. Tree roots graph together. You stand the chance of killing the health tree.
- Have been putting a ton of water down in this heat. The wind sure isn’t cooperating though. Can tell in the mornings when only half the sand traps are wet. Coverage just wasn’t there when the wind was howling.
- Done addressing our dandelions for a while. Got the worst areas covered. Will likely do some spot spraying.
- Putting down around 300,000 gallons of water per night lately.
- Missing a lot of yardage markers off the sprinkler heads. Doing an inventory next week and will get more made up and installed.
- How about those flower beds out on the course. Excellent volunteers who come through year after year.
- Our long time aeration schedule has been effected in recent years due to outside tournaments. This year’s June aeration will likely be postponed again. Going to make the call next week. Dedicated aeration and topdressing saved our greens years ago and I absolutely hate cancelling a good thing.
- Our maintenance equipment do not have stereos in them. Must have been a golf cart which is becoming more and more popular which I just don’t get.
- How about some suggestions, comments or even complaints.
- We really do have an excellent maintenance team. If errors in etiquette are made they usually are honest mistakes due to unfamiliarity with the game. Very few golfers apply for a maintenance job.

WHAT’S HOT - June 16, 2017

- Had to pull the river pump out Wednesday. Water levels were getting a little high for comfort. Been rationing since. Supposed to peak Saturday at noon. Hopefully we can get things back together on Monday and return to our regular watering. A good rain would be nice right about now.
- The rough is growing like crazy but I think the team is keeping up very well. Very solid crew again.
- The lilac hedges around some of the tees are really growing and taking up teeing area. Planned on pruning them back once they stopped blooming but I’m getting a little impatient. Hard to believe we used to stand in the back of a cart to shape the tops. To big now.
- Have no alternative but to rotate some blue markers on and off their respective tee boxes. Tournament play as of late is really doing a number on some of the smaller ones.
- Going to have to bring in a stump grinder again this fall and address all the new poplar stumps. There will be more and more over the next few years as they die off.
- Still waiting to hear some suggestions, concerns or complaints.
- Waiting for the new yardage stickers to be made up. It will be a priority to get them on once they arrive.
- When you’re on the range, consider making your divot pattern as compact as possible.
- How about putting the sand trap rakes back in a convenient place for the next guy to use. It will cut down on needless foot prints and also encourages players to use them.
- Report vandalism to the pro shop. There’s a ton of needless damage going on in the evenings lately.
- The maintenance team loves waiting for foursomes rather than twosomes.
- It was +2 the other morning. No wonder the poa on number 2 fairway is taking its time filling in. Poaannua loves heat.
- Thanks to the early morning players who have to put up with our racket each morning. They deal with a whole lot of inconveniences each morning for the betterment of our club. All really great dudes and dudettes.
- A couple of the rock gardens have slipped through the cracks and haven’t been sprayed or weeded. Soon as the wind dies down, going to have to address them. Sorry about that.
- Way to go flower volunteers. It’s looking great out there.
- Tournaments on Monday and the following weekend. Sure would love to get that aeration in. Still not sure if we can pull it off.
- Lost another mentor this past week. First it was Bud Johns. Then Don Campbell. Now Sid Puddicombe. Three of the best supers in Canada and all from Saskatoon.
- Tell fellow members about our club’s website. Heck, tell everyone about it.
- I think it’s going to be a juicy weekend and you should take advantage of it. Put a foursome together and head out.

WHAT’S HOT - June 23, 2017
- Only +2 this morning. No wonder those tees are taking their time filling in.
- Heard some comments about no play before the PGA shotgun on Monday. Monday is a catch up day for us after two days of no cutting. We have to stick to our regime in order to get things ready for the following weekend and can’t do it in the midst of a morning shotgun. Plus I think our tournament guests deserve as best playing conditions as we can provide. They did drop a lot of coin here.
- Heard from a member who was having a career round the other day until he hit #13 where the blue markers were on the gold tee box. Took a big number. Sorry about that but we’re rotating the blue markers off some of the more stressed decks occasionally. OR Men’s night requested we play from there.
- There’s a bunch of baby gophers out there again. Carl is on it.
- The City has requested we no longer stock pile our downed trees in the ravine behind #14 tee. Because we can’t afford the haul to the City dump on a daily basis, we will be creating a pile in the field north of the course and renting a wood chipper each fall. Or maybe the City could borrow us their’s.
- Larger blue tees are part of our long range plan. Big enough to handle the traffic they presently have. Won’t be as stressed and compacted as they are now. Going to build some more forward tees too to attract some beginner golfers as well as seniors. Makes the game more enjoyable for them.
- No, I’m not used to getting up at 4am. After 40 years its still hard. BUT being the first guy on a fresh golf course on a sunny morning is absolutely awesome. Nothing better.
- or (306)937-5658. Let me know what you think. Its your course and your club.
- Forgot to cut that damn hillside in front of the #13 gold tee. Will try and fit it in today.
- The tiniest wind and we have to get out there and pick up poplar branches. We’ve had some pretty big blows lately so we’ve been out there a lot.
- Shaved up the sides of the lilac hedges this week. A ton of work but we sure did gain a lot of teeing area not to mention air movement.
- The team sure did an awesome job in the rough again this week. Excellent comments from our members.
- No we didn’t trick things up for the PGA event. I hate doing that. I’m not into humiliation on the golf course. I can honestly say, in my career, I have never told an employee to cut tough pins because of a tournament. Actually, the exact opposite. Our greens are tough enough.
- How about those flower beds. Thanks to our excellent volunteers.
- Positive comments about our new 150 markers in the fairways. Will budget for more next year.
- The crew deserves to get out of here a little early today. Its Friday. Going to mount that big rough mower to make sure it happens.
- Build a foursome and get out this weekend. More traffic will help us build those tees.

Have a great weekend,
Grant Sawchyn

WHAT’S HOT - July 7, 2017

1. BUGS. We got them in our greens. I won’t give you the Latin name of them other than black turf beetles. Most golf courses have them. We’ve had them off and on for years but never to this extent. It’s got us a little concerned so we plan on addressing them next Monday. For best control it’s suggested to address them when they’re in their larva stage. We’re hoping by waiting until Monday they just may be there.
 2. It’s very hot. That irrigation bill is definitely going to be up there. We really can’t do a whole lot more watering at night than we presently do. Anymore and we’ll be effecting the early morning play or the mowers. Mike and I have been coming in earlier than normal and addressing hot spots manually. So far, so good.
3. Mike our new assistant is sure into this place. Man did I luck out in finding this super guy.
4.  No, cutting the greens in mid-afternoon is not a regular part of our regime. We’re trying to pick up as many bugs on the surface as we can and haul them off site. Very few are out first thing in the morning when we’re doing our regular cut.
5. It’s July and we’re experiencing our usual turn over in staff. Seams students need vacations prior to returning to school. More training again. Times have sure changed.
6. The maintenance team sure appreciates the kind and encouraging remarks from our members and especially quests. Makes those early mornings a little easier.
7. I personally have experienced some pretty close calls lately by impatient golfers. Golf balls can do some serious damage. Slow down and enjoy the place.
8. I continue to wait for SaskEnergy to address the damage they created in our east parking lot. We’ve put some gravel in the worst spots temporarily.
9. You’ve got to love what the flower volunteers are doing out there. I know I sure hear a lot of compliments. Thanks and keep up the good work.
10. This is probably the youngest crew I’ve had in a long time. They’re sure into it and it shows. May have to be burger Friday. They’ve earned it.
11. Thanks to those who have made a point of playing in foursomes. The team really thanks you for your consideration.
12. Supposed to be a beauty weekend. Try and fit a round in and keep the traffic flowing at the club. That irrigation bill is going to be ginormous this season.
13. Hey, I’m open to comments and suggestions. Let’s hear them.
14. Those of you eligible, should consider playing in the provincial seniors. We’re hosting it in late July. Let’s make the thing a huge success.
15. It just occurred to me that I didn’t submit my What’s Hot last week. Must have been a bad day. No, there’s never a bad day at NBGCC.

Have a great weekend,
Grant Sawchyn 

 WHAT’S HOT - July 14, 2017

1. Kind of melancholy around the shop these days. It was time for Murray to go to the big course in the sky. Mur’s comfort level was deteriorating to a point that it was just time. I’m sure he’s already burying wieners in the bunkers at his new home. We’ll miss you bud.
2. I think we effectively addressed our turf bug issue this week. Don’t see any on the greens as of late. Very frustrating we we’re doing control research. A lot of conflicting info. Regardless, our method appeared to work.
3. Did some root pruning last week and we’re already seeing positive results. The quality of turf in the area is definitely improving. Actually the area we just did was previously done about 6 or 7 years ago. Poplar roots definitely grow back.
4. We as a maintenance department really make efforts to practice IPM, Integrated Pest Management. Although we believe in the responsible use of chemicals, it’s always as a last resort. The entire golf industry has moved in that direction. It’s sometimes very difficult explaining our practices and beliefs to the agricultural folks.
5. Man it was difficult writing that first paragraph.
6. Considering the difficulty in mounting or removing the sprayer from the vehicle we took the opportunity to address the earth worm issue in our greens while the sprayer was still on. We have found the most effective product in inhibiting the worms is actually an organic fertilizer made from kelp. Apparently kelp is acidic and they just don’t like it. At least that’s what we think and I’m sticking to it.
7. SaskEnergy finally responded and they’re going to level the east parking lot next week. They said they’d give me a heads up so I could give you notice the parking lot may be shut down on a particular morning. Be ready.
8. We sure are pumping a ton of water out onto the course. Its hanging in there but just barely.
9. We tried leveling and turfing the cart path ends this week. Big job but necessary. Hopefully after the provincial seniors we can tackle more roots in the paths.
10. No we didn’t top dress the greens any heavier last week but it sure may have appeared that way. It had rained the evening before and the sand was damp when we applied it. The spreader just couldn’t spread it as effectively due to the extra weight. I wasn’t on sight to make the necessary adjustments and a slightly inexperienced operator. Stuff happens.
11. Still cutting down a ton of dead poplar trees. Has become a big part of our regime in recent years.
12. And I’m not getting sucked into getting another dog for the course. However, should it occur, there would definitely be some negotiating this go around.
13. A lot of volunteer hours put in the past few weeks. Thanks a bunch to all our great volunteers giving us a hand. I’m sure our members appreciate it too.
14. Registered for the provincial seniors yet?
15. We’re trying to find something effective for the ants.
16. The early morning players have likely noticed a change in our mowing routine lately, possibly even having to wait a bit. Well we’re still a little short staffed and even missing one body throws a wrench into our entire morning cut. Hopefully we can get the situation corrected quickly.
17. The staff sure appreciates the kind words this year. Thanks to those that are making negativity unpopular again.
18. I sure hope you plan on playing this weekend. How about you bring a couple non-members with you and introduce them to the place. We need traffic. Kelp doesn’t come cheap.

Have a terrific weekend.
Grant Sawchyn 


The word aeration stimulates negative emotions for many golfers. It may come as a surprise, but golf course superintendents also dislike aeration. After all, the last person who wants to disrupt the smoothness of the putting greens they work so hard to maintain is the superintendent.
Golfers often ask, “Why is aeration needed so often?” Aeration is an essential program to keep playing surfaces healthy and in good condition. Aeration primarily is performed to control organic matter – i.e., decaying roots and grass stems – relieve soil compaction, stimulate root growth and improve drainage. If organic matter becomes too thick, it acts like a sponge and holds water at the surface after rain or irrigation. Excessive organic matter also inhibits root growth, reduces oxygen levels in the soil, encourages disease and eventually can lead to turf failure. Furthermore, excessive organic matter creates soft surfaces prone to ball marks, foot printing and inconsistent playing conditions. Aeration and topdressing are the most effective ways to control organic matter and maintain smooth, firm putting surfaces.
Core aeration involves physically removing small soil cores – e.g., 0.5-inch diameter cores – from the turf and is the most common type of aeration. Aeration holes allow excess moisture to evaporate and promote gas exchange in the soil, resulting in stronger root systems and turf that is better able to tolerate golfer traffic.
Proper timing of aeration will ensure the fastest possible recovery and return to smooth surface conditions. The key to a quick recovery is to perform aeration when the turf is healthy and actively growing. 
The type and frequency of aeration needed is course specific. Superintendents adjust aeration programs based on soil conditions, turf requirements, climate/weather, available labor and equipment, course events, etc.
Playing conditions are of the utmost importance for most golfers, and aeration is needed to keep turf healthy and playing well. Aeration can be disruptive, but the long-term benefits of aeration far outweigh the short-lived disruption. The next time you play on greens that were recently aerated, keep in mind that aeration is performed for the long-term health of the course. The greens may not play their best immediately following some aeration treatments, but everyone is playing the same conditions and golfers still can enjoy the game and make plenty of putts. After all, Tom Watson once shot a 58 when playing at Kansas City Country Club just a few days after the greens had been aerified.

WHAT'S HOT - August 4th, 2017
1. August long is here already. Seems like yesterday I was frustrated trying to find staff to work the May long.
Where's the summer gone.
2.Staff are dropping like flies the last few weeks. Very hard to find replacements this late in the season. This morning we had to depart from our regular regime due to staff shortages. I don't think you'll notice though.
3. Made it through the Provincial Seniors. Loved it. Although I didn't like the glares I received when some thought I set the pins. They were set straight by the end of the first day who was responsible.
4. Very appreciative bunch of players in the Seniors. Most have been around a bit and appreciate whats involved in tournament prep, particularly a course like ours.A lot of pats on the back. By the end of the week I had a pretty proud crew.
5. Looks like the Molson's is going ahead on August 19th and 20th. Next week is prep week I guess.
6. Spent this week aerating the majority of the tees. Didn't get to golds. A staff shortage thing. Hopefully we can get them done before the students leave.
7. Had to cancel our June greens aeration due to a pro-am so the August one is a must. We've been deviating from our aeration schedule the last couple of years due to tournament bookings. Really need to get back on track. 

Monday, Aug.21st - aerate back 9
Tuesday, Aug. 22nd - aerate front 9
Wednesday, Aug. 23rd - topdress back 9 
Thursday, August 24th - topdress front 9 

We'll try our best to stay on schedule but ocassionally we get slightly ahead.

8. Spent a good chunk of the week removing roots from the cart paths. Very labour intensive. The holes will be filled next week when the patching compound comes. We have to order it in  barrels these days.Our local supplier no longer makes cold mix for us.
9. Still having issues with irrigation heads mysteriously coming on. Got our irrigation techs out of Edmonton looking into it.
10. Sprayed for ants this week. Marginal results. Will require another app but have to wait a few weeks. We're seeing disease and pests on prairie golf courses like we've never seen before. Climate change? Suppliers? Visitors? Who knows.Very difficult to budget for.
11. I think the guys did an admirable job cleaning up after the storms prior to the Seniors.  
12. Tell me what you think, good or bad.
13. Looking forward to getting going on our new long range plan. There will be some serious scheduling of projects to ensure efficiency and the biggest bang for our buck. Of the greatest importance as we move along is the least amount of disruption to play as possible. Any questions about the plan? Maybe I can set you sraight..
14. Thanks to the Main Course Resteraunt for looking after the crew.
15. Happened to be at the Saskatoon G.C.C. on a ladies night. Over heard a group of gals commenting on how wonderful NBGCC's planter look. I made sure they knew who was responsible. Great volunteers.
16. I really hope all the compliments at the Seniors results in a ton of green fee revenue.Sure could use the cash to make up for a poor spring.
17. Sure hope Golf Sask learned their lesson. Maybe they will consider input from the Super or his assistant next time they're setting up a course for tounament play.
18. No we don't lower the height of cut for tournament play. We achieve a nice roll through cultural practices.And for the gazillionth time, we don't roll our greens. Thats one question thats starting to irritate me. 
19. I'm kinda missing a dog around here. No one to complain to on the way home and I'm not allowed to once I walk through the door.
20. Thanks to Paula, Neil and all their volunteers for making the Seniors a huge success. We've hosted a ton of these provicial events over the years and without a douldt this was the classiest one ever and the players will tell you that too. Well done gang. 
21. For those of you sticking around this weekend, try and get a round or two in. Even better, bring some guests and show the place off. Just maybe they'll be impressed enough to be regulars or even members.

Have a great weekend,
Grant Sawchyn

WHAT'S HOT - August 25th, 2017

1. Got some catching uip to do. Haven't did this weekly thing for a bit. It's been a little overwhelming lately. Shouldn't be an excuse though.
2. What a mess after the storm. At least 6"'s. Had to shut the course down that Tuesday. It was dangerous being out there. Washed out paths, bridges, creeks, traps. Huge boulders washed down the fairway. Crazy.
3. Brought the crew back in later in the afternoon that day. Worked their butts off making the place safe and playable. Spent the entire week cleaning up. Had to pack it in the following week to get ready for the Molson's.
4. Heard some players were pissed we left the traps until later in the clean-up. Totally my call. Thought it best to concentrate on getting rocks and silt off turf before it was smothered. Wanted to repair paths for safe access to the course. It was the right call.
5. Still a ton to do but will wait until later in the fall. Weeping tile system washed out in the bush between #'s 1 and 2. Will have to reconstruct. Will slowly put creek back in place. Very lab our intensive all hand work.
6. Great crew. Ranks right up there in my 32 years. 
7. Just finished aerating and topdressing greens this week. The crew put in a couple long days so we could get back to clean-up. Went really well.
8. Heavy rains really saturated the greens resulting in serious turf stress. Aeration will help bring them back but may take longer than normal to fill in. Seem to be rolling really good though..
9. Thanks to those who appreciated what the staff were dealing with lately.
10. Applied a fungicide to the greens today. A lot of potential for disease out there. Very high humidity brings it on. 
11. Had to ration irrigation for a week. River levels dropped s, silting up the inlet we pump out of. Took a week to get SaskWater approval before we could bring our contractor in. Good old Bobby J and Unicon. Always there for us.
12. Next week will be the last for our students. They are a huge part of our maintenance regime. All are more than welcome back next year. Please do some begging for me.
13. Yes, we lost a lot of turf on #7 fairway. Over night. Damn humidity. I wish we had the budget to spray our fairways when we see something coming on. Some day maybe. Not irrigating due to rationing didn't help either.
14.Hope the grass knows enough to quit growing when the students leave. If not, it may get a little shaggy in areas for awhile.
15. Can't wait for a new larger reservoir so we don't have to ration because of the river. Then we could upgrade our aging pump station and use our irrigation system to its max. We really really need both and soon.
16.We'll re-do the culvert installation at the 1st tee. We were in panick mode to get you access to the course. We'll do it properly when time allows later in the fall.
17. Finally finished patching the cart paths. Sorry it took so long but that damn storm clean-up took priority.
18. Going to try and get some tree moving done this fall. We'll base it on our Long Range Plan. Similar to our last plan, all future construction will be off our new plan.
19. Can't wait to put the Long Range Plan into action. There's going to be some really great fund raising initiatives soon. Hope everyone participate if they can.
20. There's some yellow leaves out there which usually means things are winding down a bit. Better get some golf in before its too late. And bring some friends out. The more the merrier. 
21. And thanks to all our volunteers who's contribution is enormous. This place does not function without caring, contributing members.

Have a great one, 
Grant Sawchyn

WHAT’S HOT – September 1st, 2017
1. First day of leaf blowing. May the battle begin.
2. Final day for the remaining students. We’re going to miss them. They’re a huge part of our operation and we had some great ones this season.
3. Very short staffed going into September and the grass doesn’t stop growing because the students have left. We’ll try our best to keep up.
4. 1.5 hours blowing #11 this morning. The wind is picking up and you won’t even believe it by noon.
5. Still dark at 6 a.m. Will start the crew later next week. I think everyone is ready for a sleep in. It’s been a long difficult season for the maintenance department.
6. Those damn worms are back. We’ve kept them down under the majority of the season. Gave them a third blast yesterday. Hopefully they stay down until we shut down.
7. The aeration holes are slowly filling in. Always takes longer this time of year. Cooler nights, less day light, the stress the turf is under after months at 1/8 “. They’re rolling nice though.
8. I don’t feel comfortable saying it, but the course is still pretty juicy. Has been most of the season. Great crew, excellent mechanic and even better assistant. They should all be pretty proud of what they’ve pulled off.
9. Going to try and get some tree moving done in the next few weeks. The tree spade we use is borrowed from the City and we appreciate it. The trees we move are NBGCC grown in our nurseries.
10. Unfortunate about the dry area on the range tee. Took forever to get a replacement sprinkler. We take a lot of pride in our range tee and get a ton of compliments. Only wish it was bigger. It’s in the long range plan.
11. The areas we are planting trees are also in the long range plan. We’re going to stick to it the best we can. Spruce will be the tree of choice but other leaf trees will be mixed ion as well. NO POPLARS!!!!
12. Cut some poplar roots out of a few greens. Mike did an excellent job.
13. We’ll pick leaves again and haul them off site. Very slow process. The leaves have to be blown into the rough first prior to picking. It very much depends on how cooperative the wind is too. Some days you can’t even tell.
14. The girls just went out to fill the sand boxes. They sure know how to keep busy for 15 minutes until coffee. The entire crew is like that. I never had to worry at all about slackers. Very motivated bunch this season.
15. Our fall fungicide applications will begin in the next week or so and will continue on a regular basis until we cover the final week of October. Let Mike do his job and wait for him to finish a green before you hit up. It takes three minutes to do a green. I got hit last year by one of our regulars. Not cool.
16. Thanks to those that continue to play in foursomes. The entire crew really appreciates it. Really ups our efficiency. It’s unfortunate that some refuse.
17. Hopefully the frost stays away for a while yet and we can continue to enjoy the flower beds. They really add to the beauty of our course and we very much appreciate our flower volunteers.
17. Damn! Martin just blew a hydraulic line on his fairway mower. You see, I should never talk about how juicy the place is. Hopefully he noticed it quick enough that the damage is minimal. Hopefully, our Cracker Jack mechanic Trevor can get him up and going quickly. It’s Friday.
18. Supposed to be a juicy long weekend. Maybe you can get in a round or two. Even better bring some guests with you and show them what we’ve got.

Have a good one,
Grant Sawchyn

WHAT’S HOT – September 8, 2017

1. Club senior’s tournament yesterday. Great turn out. Too bad the rest of our tournaments didn’t have the same participants. Way to go Phil and your committee.
2. Tough time of year. Especially today: 28 pins to change
                                                                       20 greens to cut
                                                                       54 tees to cut
                                                                       18 collars to cut
                                                                       17 fairways to cut
                                                                       17 primary roughs to cut
                                                                       59 traps to rake
                                                                        All tee and green surrounds to hand trim.
                                                                        Garbage cans
                                                                        Ball Washers
                                                                        Bath rooms
And a gazillion leaves to blow that you know damn well will be right back where they were within 2 hours. Oh ya, and you want to stay out of the clientele’s way. And 6 employees.
3. Most areas of the course are growing at a mid-July rate still. Might slow down with a frost soon.
4. Heard a complaint regarding a ball sitting down in the rough on #13 fairway. Grass was longer than the surrounding area. The gentleman expected the low area to be hand trimmed. REASON: Our large mower decks can’t get down in small depressions in the ground. I don’t think there’s been such a mower invented yet and I don’t believe we have the resources to hand trim the rough. Maybe someday.
5. Came back last night and blew leaves off #’s 11, 14 and 15. Did it the morning too. Can’t even tell today. Damn wind.
6. Shout out to Lo-Cost Auto Wrecking. Really helping us out in keeping our old vehicles running and keeping our costs down. Have really come to the rescue the last few years. Great people too.
7. Got a terrible cut in the roughs in front of the tees yesterday. Mowers had to go faster than normal to get things done prior to the 11pm shot gun. Knew we wouldn’t have time Friday to do it and would have been jungle come Monday if left uncut going into weekend. Its all about schedules and time management around here.
8. Damn worms.
9. Man the flowers are hanging in there. Nice.
10. It’s always our goal to stay out of the players way but please let the fairway guys take that one extra swipe before pulling off. That one extra swipe goes a long way in our efficiency to get things well. Plus we want our staff to feel safe out there.
11.  Our priority is to blow the leaves off the fairway and through the primary rough. If the wind stays down we try and come back to blow them through the trees into deeper rough.
12. Wet irrigated leaves don’t blow as far as dry leaves. Takes longer to get them off a fairway.
13. Thanks to those with the positive attitudes in our club. It’s a pleasure doing our jobs for you.

Back on the blower,
WHAT’S HOT – October 5, 2017
1. Sorry about missing a couple weeks of communication. Been kind of nutso lately. Just a tad short on bodies around here.
2. Very difficult to articulate the time and labour we put into leaf blowing. It’s definitely the priority the last few weeks. 7 days a week.
3. Three days of brutal winds. Extremely frustrating trying to keep the place clean.
4. Three frosty mornings in a row. Can’t drive on the turf until frosts lifts so put the guys in the traps raking out leaves. Three feet in some. With our luck they’ll be full again tomorrow.
5. Blowing irritation system out starting on the 11th. A week earlier than I like but you take the machine when you get it. Those damn Saskatoon guys have more pull than me I guess. There’s definitely power in numbers.
6. Flagging all the irrigation sprinklers and valves. Two reasons. In case it snows during blow out. We’ll be able to find everything. Secondly, for when we’re aerating fairways. Won’t hit and damage sprinklers.
7. Thanks for the positive attitudes around the club. Employees really appreciate a positive work environment.
8. Plan on aerating greens, tees and fairways starting on the 16th. Going to do some fringes next week. Topdressing and covering up the 24th -27th.
9. Checked out my colleagues’ courses in Stoon last week. So nice and clean. No poplars!
10. No major projects this fall. Had a tough year. Lots of disease, big repairs. A lot of unforeseen stuff that’s difficult to budget for.
11. It’s been nice seeing a decent weekend syndicate and a regular bunch in the lounge in the evenings. Reminds me of the good old days. It’s all part of being an enjoyable club.
12. Let’s make sure we allow our fungicide applicator to do his job. Be patient. It takes less than a few minutes a green.
13. Sure getting a lot of inquiries about when I’m getting a new dog for the course. Still thinking about it. Haven’t quite gotten over Murray yet.
14. Heads up next week when we’re blowing lines.
15. We’ll try our best to clean the place up for the Thanksgiving long weekend. Anyone know how to shut the wind off.
16. Took some grief for not uncovering the greens last November when it was so nice. It was a first in my career. Canvassed a ton of colleagues and they too had never heard of it. It’s not that easy pulling hundreds of staples out of the ground to take the tarps off. Then removing all the protective topdressing before being ready for play. I’m still getting the gears from buddies at other clubs.
17. Supposed to be a beauty weekend. Course is still juicy and playing great. Grab some friends for a few rounds.

Have a great long weekend,
Grant Sawchyn

WHAT’S HOT- October 20th, 2017

1. Talk about bagged. We all are. That time of year again where there’s a ton to do to shut the place down and you’re always short a body or two. And this year there’s a brutal flu going through the shop. I don’t think any of us have quite gotten over it yet.
2. Big aeration week. Greens, tees, fairways and finish the fringes. Turds laying all over the place. Hopefully we’ll get them either matted in or picked up by spring. Like always it depends on the weather. Looking good so far.

3. Mike just finished his final fungicide application. I think he’s a little sad actually. Our first assistant who really seems to enjoy spraying. And man he’s good at it. We’re very lucky to have someone of Mike’s caliber.
4. First thing next week is topdressing of the greens. A heavy pure sand cover that we leave on. And then the tarps. Hopefully everybody is healthy and back at work. It’s no small feat putting those things down especially if it’s the least bit windy.
5. Looks like the guys got all the snow fences put up on the tees. To trap some snow for protection from winter’s extremes. The majority of our tees are elevated which poses a bit of a challenge bringing them through the winter.
6. Speaking of a challenge. Got the system blown out but not without a whole ton of frustration. The thing arrives with the wrong hook-up for the hoses. Guess who had to drive in to S’toon at 4 am to get the right one. (That’s right, I’m whining) Get back and get some air in the lines and the compressor keeps quits on us. Dead batteries. Bad alternator. Two days of boosting the damn thing. (Still whining). Got things done but still frustrated.
7. Crazy wind here the other night. According to our weather station, 85-95 km winds at times. About a dozen poplars down. Oh darn. Got a lot of the major stuff cleaned up but still a ton of little branches to address. May wait till spring.
8. Serious shingle damage to the shop. Another unforeseen expense. Kind of the theme this year. Bugs, disease, pumps, washouts, shingles. Very frustrating.
9. Sure didn’t get any projects done this fall. It’s not like the old days. Leaf maintenance is totally consuming of our small crew from mid- September on. Too bad the guy doesn’t get it.
10. Budget time soon. By the time we’re done all the meetings it’s mid- December. We’ll be ready for a couple days off.
11. Not setting my alarm this weekend. It’s been a while.
12. Haven’t seen any porcupine action in a while. Maybe those tree cages have discouraged them enough that they left town. Still pissed about the birch on #13.
13. Had to shut the washrooms down last weekend. Cool night froze and broke some lines. Again.
14. Busy time for our mechanic Trevor. Takes all the reels off for sharpening. New fluids and filters in all equipment. Does necessary repairs and starts getting things ready for 2018. Very knowledgeable guy. Very lucky to have him in charge of our equipment and shop.
15. Would be nice if the turf hardened off before snow cover comes. Once we have those tarps on would be nice to see some -10 temps.
16. Hope we have enough sand to topdress the greens. Our usual supplier is out and doesn’t plan on making more this fall. Bought some earlier last month from another company. Couldn’t believe what he charged us for a poorer quality sand. Almost double. That will be the last time.
17. Still hope to do some tree pruning this fall. Stuff that we need a lift for. Want the ground to firm up enough to bring heavy equipment on to it. Running out of time though.
18. We love our trees at NBGCC but they sure do occupy a lot of the crew’s time.
19. Once again Bobby J came through for us. We were in desperate need of a slip tank for the blow out. His guys set us up as always. And Jim Sack. When we had the wrong connection for the compressor hoses he got his guy to drop everything and attempt to make us one. Didn’t quite work but we sure do appreciate the effort. Great members.
20. Anyone have photos of #’s 12 and 13 prior to the railway ties? I wouldn’t mind seeing them for some reference.
21. Thanks to our fantastic flower volunteers. They out did themselves once again. More great members.
22. Don’t forget. Let me know what you think of things. Planning time for next season is just around the corner.
23. Got to get things ready for Monday. Big week for the crew. Time to cover up.

Have a terrific weekend,
Grant Sawchyn