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NBGCC 2018

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WHAT’S HOT- April 6,2018

Believe it or not there’s an actual golf course under all the white stuff. We plowed roads to all the greens March 14th in anticipation of blowing the greens off the following Monday. Well the unbelievably cold temperatures are just not giving in. Just too cold to uncover what’s got to be some pretty fragile turf. Ever since we plowed the roads we’ve been trying our best to keep them open. Big task for our little JD tractor. Looks like the weather might straighten out Monday and allow us to move some snow, and there’s a ton of it.

Trevor’s busy putting the finishing touches of our equipment. The reels are back from sharpening and he’s got them reinstalled and ready to go. All fluids and filters are changed and the engines get their final tune-ups. It’s also a good time of year to do any necessary fabricating and welding.  Trevor takes a lot of pride in his maintenance equipment and shop. Actually he’s going to be pissed that I posted a photo of what he considers a messy work bench. Very talented dude.

We’re going green, even our rakes. Yellow rake handles have become obsolete so all replacement purchases are green now. Rather than replacing all the yellow handles we’re vinyl coating them with shrink wrap material. The stuff aint cheap so it might take a few years to go totally green but we’re well on our way. Not only do we address the rakes but every piece of course furnishing gets a going over one way or another. (We think our plastic tee markers are the shiniest in the biz) FYI, we require 149 rakes for 60 traps and generally have to replace 15 throughout the season.

There’s always something for our team to do regardless of the weather. And as per the norm, any comments, suggestions, complaints, gsaw@sasktel.  

APRIL 9th - Blowing snow

APRIL 12th - Repairing range netting

APRIL 16th- Shoveling snow off surrounds. Want to dry those greens out.

WHAT’S HOT - April 20th, 2018
1. Most unusually cool spring I’ve ever been through in my carreer.
2. Nice last couple days. Expecting the snow to be gone by Monday. Forecasting rain though. NO RAIN PLEASE. Really want to dry the place out.
3. Put all the furnishings out already into the snow banks. Going to need all hands on deck when it’s dry enough to work on the greens and tees.
4. Have been doing some tree work while we wait for the snow to melt.
5. Aeration plugs all over fairways and tees that need to be matted in. Must be dry enough though.
6. Topdressing under the tarps on the greens that needs to be matted in too.
7. A lot of path and maintenance roads washed out by quick melt yesterday. Not the bridge on #2 though. Still hanging in there.
8. Who knows when the frost will go down this year.
9. Come on wind. Dry this place out.
10. Signed up for the scramble yet? Going to be a beauty. May 5th and 6th. And don’t forget about the Welcome Back soiree on the evening of the 4th.
11. Pumped about our crew this season. All new but damn enthusiastic already. It’s a good sign.

APRIL 24th - 1st tarp to come off. NICE.

WHAT’S HOT – April 27th, 2018

1. Crazy day yesterday. That damn river came up so fast with so little warning. At 3:30 pm we had a perfectly dry pump house down at the river and by 5pm we had 5 feet of water in it.
2. Took the tarps off Tuesday. Guys really struggled but gave it their all in that wind.
3. Tuesday was cleaning the top dressing off the greens. They’ll be cut and cleaned a few times prior to opening for play for you.
4. We’ve got a couple of dedicated troopers on the team in Trevor Poletz and Ryan Whyte. They braved that ice cold river water last night and got that 1000 pump out of the building just in time. We usually require 4 guys to move that thing around but I think pure adrenaline and seeing the water actually rising up the walls really got them going. Can’t thank them enough.
5. I’m allowing power carts this weekend. It’s going against my better judgement but we just need to create some traffic and a positive buzz around here and fast. We’ll worry about the damage later.
6. I’ll be continuing my crusade to play in foursomes. Every maintenance team on the planet will tell you they work so much more efficiently amongst foursomes. And there’s no better way to build our club back up than by enjoying time with people of common interest.
7. Can’t wait for next weekend’s scramble. First club golfing event of the year. Big participation would mean a lot to our maintenance program.
8. Hard to believe how much snow was on the course 10 days ago.
9. Our entire crew will be on board by Tuesday of next week. A whole new team again. Should be interesting. A lot of training but they’ll eventually get it.
10. Really pumped about our new assistant Ryan Whyte. Very smart, very motivated and already showing signs of being a fantastic leader.
11. Cut down the birch on #13. I still haven’t gotten over its demise. Such a beauty of a tree. We’re leaving a large stump for those who used it for aiming off the tee. Not sure how long we’ll leave it.
12. Serious raking next week. What a mess.  Damn poplars.
13. Make sure you report all evening vandalism to the pro shop. We’d like to avoid last season’s abuse which got out of control at times.  
14. And plan to attend the welcome back bash in the clubhouse the evening of May 4th. Should be a good

Have a great weekend,

Grant Sawchyn

 And Its Up and Going

  WHAT’S HOT – May 5, 2018
1. Juicy day for the Spring Scramble. Getting some extra watering done before the shotgun goes off.
2. Hard to believe that last Thursday we were in panic mode trying to save our river pump and by Monday we were putting it back together and filling the reservoir.
3. Started irrigating Tuesday morning. Tees and greens have been the priority off the start. Fairways got their first blast last night. So far so good.
4. Judging by social media a lot of notable courses were firing their systems up this past week. We all we have issues of some sort or another. It’s a frustrating time of the year.
5. Thanks to everyone who is participating in the scramble. It’s nice to see a tradition carried on. It would be nicer to see our newer members coming on board and having some fun.
6. The “crews” together and working hard. The majority is new and most are non-golfers. It will take some time to memorize the holes and find their way around the property. Proper etiquette is another thing we have to teach them. They’re all great kids.
7. The crew has been doing nothing but raking leaves and probably sick of it already. I think they’re starting to despise poplar trees as much as me. The place is starting to look pretty tidy.
8. Planning on getting in the traps next week and throwing some sand around. Get them as consistent as possible.
9. Minimal porcupine damage this winter. Proof that the protective wires work.
10. Deer urine kill on a few greens.
11. Really trying to keep the greens and tees well irrigated. Poa really needs the moisture and heat to rebound from the harsh winter.
12. Will be outlining the fairways next week. New employees have a very difficult time seeing the edges as they learn how to cut.
13. Weeping tile system must be plugged or frozen. Water is percolating up on 9 and 18. Trying to pump it dry but it’s a losing battle. Need the frost to let go.
14. Had to put the sign up on #4 today. A lot of standing water again. No I didn’t irrigate it.
15. A pretty enthusiastic and positive crowd scrambling today. They’re going to have a blast this weekend.
16. We might put our old numbered flags out for a few days. The numbers will help the newbies find their way around a little easier. Speed up the learning process.

Enjoy the course and the club,
Grant Sawchyn

WHAT’S HOT – May12, 2018
 1. Froze again last night. That’s twice this week and it might as well of froze the other 5 nights. Too cold for poa to bounce back.
-2.Going to have to investigate alternative or additional covers for our front nine greens. They seem to take a bigger lick’n from the harsher winters like we just had. They always have been high maintenance greens. Construction?
3. I think the crew finally got the place cleaned up. Two weeks of solid raking, blowing and picking. Time to start training.
4. Nice of the Board to have a special evening to meet the staff. Very much appreciated by the maintenance team.
-5.The gals on the crew got their first taste of rough cutting Thursday and Friday. A little overwhelming for them but I think they’re going to be o.k. after a few go arounds. It is a big job.
6. Overseeded a few of the weaker greens. Come on heat!!
7. Aerated all the tees hoping we’d overseed them too. Seed never came as quick as I expected and the holes will probably be filled in by the time it gets here. Oh well, an extra aeration never hurts.
8. That 4th fairway is still percolating. Way too wet to drive on still.
9. Took down more dead poplars this week. Hard to stay on top of it. Seems it’s never ending in recent years.
10. Will be filling the water hazards to their proper level next week and putting the fountain back in. Will be putting the circulating pump for the creak feature back in the well too. It’s been frozen till now.
11. Still a lot of frost in the ground in shaded areas. Frozen heads too.
12. Sure sounds like those in the scramble last weekend had a blast. Thanks to those who participated and supported the club.
13. Sure nice to see a ton of foursomes out there lately. Sure hope it lasts. The maintenance team is so much more efficient when they work amongst groups of four rather than twosomes.
14. I think most of the crew can find their way around the place now. We’ll see when they start working independently. Fingers crossed.
15. If you see any abuse to the course or especially staff, report it to the pro shop and we’ll deal with it appropriately. Already been a few unfortunate occurrences. We love our crew!!!!!!
16. Almost flower time. I wonder what our great volunteers have planned this year. Can’t wait.

Supposed to be a nice couple of days coming up. Find three buds and get out there.


 WHAT’S HOT – May 18, 2018
1. Finally!! A day with no wind. Makes irrigating worthwhile.
2. The maintenance team is really starting to come together. Starting to show some pride in what they’re doing. And no sleep ins yet. Touch wood.
3. Been doing a ton of watering already this spring. The wind has really been drying things out.
4. For those of you who are fearful of fertilizer staining your putter, take a towel with you and wipe your putter off as you leave the green. It’s been a pretty common practice as long as I can remember.
5. Some of the traps are holding some water. Its all the extra irrigation we’ve been forced to do.
6. Thursday morning we noticed that the few remaining frozen sprinklers were finally thawed out. No more hand watering.
7. The poplar buds are sure making bunker maintenance difficult. They get stuck under the machine and are next to impossible to clean out. Leaving some unsightly ridges in the sand at times.
8. Our new assistant Ryan has sure been an excellent addition to the team. Super motivator and a great leader. The entire crew including myself have a ton of respect for him.
9. Golf course has been pretty busy but could still use more play.
10. Thanks for respecting the crew and playing in foursomes. Really helps us out.
11. Martin and Ryan have spent a lot of time lowering sprinkler heads this spring. I think they’ve got a handle on it now but there might be the odd one they haven’t found. Hope a mower doesn’t find it before they do.
12. Over 300,000 gallons of water a night lately.
13. Near freezing a couple nights this week. Really need the ground to warm up to get that poaannua jumping.
14. All the new staff have really been welcome to the club by the members, especially the morning players. Thanks.
15. Just found out that Bob Johnston was recognized as volunteer of the year at Men’s Night. An absolute great member over the years and has done so much for us. Wish I was there to shake his hand and thank him personally. It’ll have to be out on the course I guess.
16. Dandelions are starting to show. Going to have to deal with them soon.
17. Trevor our ace mechanic has sure been busy so far this season. New staff leads to more breakdowns and repairs.
18. There’s rumblings that our great flower volunteers are going to start planting. Can’t wait.
19. It’s the May long. We should all try a get in a couple rounds. And bring some guests too to check the place out.
20.. Thanks for all the positivity so far. Really motivates the maintenance team.

Have a terrific weekend.