WHAT’S HOT – March18th, 2020

1.  What’s hot? Sure ain’t the weather. It’s hard to believe that 2 weeks ago I was away at a conference and was absolutely freaking out because it was melting back home and I wasn’t there. I was told to chill out so I guess I did.
2.  Don’t know what to expect after the freezing rain in November. There definitely is ice on some greens. Ice can kill after a 60 days however there are different types. Real hard solid ice is the most damaging. Then there’s the more crystalized that allows for some air movement. Its usually the result of very cold weather. Let’s hope for the latter.
3.  Assistant Ryan and Mechanic Trevor are going hard in preparation for another season. Freshly sharpened reels are being installed and course furnishings are getting their final touches.
4.  Putting a crew together still. Long process and absolutely time consuming. Miss the days when some of our team returned for several years in a row. Times have definitely changed.
5. Will life ever be the same after Covid-19?
6.  We don’t always blow the snow off the greens. If we do its not necessarily to get an early start. We originally started doing it to prevent the development of damaging snow molds. Same mold that kills your front lawn.
7. Hope to do some drainage work in some of the bunkers this season. It will all depend on the start we get to the season.
8.  Need to get back to our old aeration and topdressing regime. We gave way to tournament bookings and special events the last few years and it definitely took its toll. We should and will be able to get back on track.
9. Westwood Turf once again came through for us on our #4 project. What a great business for our community. We really do rely on the on great people like Jack, Bob and Allen.
10. Be patient with our new staff as they find there way around the place. Little bit more to their job than you think. Throw them some slack. We really want them the work in an enjoyable work environment. Want them to consider coming back for year two, three, four. Maybe even tell a friend about the place.
11. Many golf supers are removing touch points off their courses. Ball washers, rakes, sand boxes, flags. Want to keep it safe.
12.  Hope the place isn’t too messy when we open up. Damn poplar leaves. Yes, I’m going to continue the rant. ( I’ll give you a break and start the foursome thing next time)
13.  Have you bought your membership yet? The sooner the better. Our club is going to be a great place to be this summer.
15.  I’d like to use this forum to thank the 2019 edition of the “Crew”. It was an absolutely horrendous season for us. In 40 years plus in the golf biz I had never experienced challenges like we saw last year. Regardless of the issue the team hung in there and at times amazed me what they could handle. The extra load placed upon them due to the #4 project was immense and they pulled it off, all the while maintaining a beautiful golf course I was so proud of. In my personal life, it was the most stressful and emotional time of my life. They allowed me to be sad and not worry if things were going to get done. A huge thank you assistant Ryan for his leadership and friendship. I don’t like comparing Crews because every one is different and I love them all, but 2019’s will definitely stand out for years to come.

 During this pandemic be safe and kind to your fellow citizens in this community. See if your neighbor needs anything. And wash your hands

Grant Sawchyn
NBGCC Golf Superintendent